Skype Launches New Intentionally Forgettable Version Of Skype – SKYPE QIK

Skype Launches New Intentionally Forgettable Version Of Skype – SKYPE QIK


Skype has developed an intentionally forgettable version of Skype known as the Skype Qik. This new tool of Skype enables you to connect to your friends as if you’re texting, but it’s all in the form of short video messages.

The new Qik tool comes with a totally new and an unique feature making it different from the previous Skype app. The videos recorded using Skype Qik last for only two weeks.This new App is available for free in 21 languages and for all the 3 major platforms Android , Windows and iOS. After downloading this app the users can record short video messages (videos of upto 42 seconds) and send them to anyone in their phones contact list.The main idea behind the Skype Qik is that regular Skype video calls are very time consuming and require both the parties to be online at the same time for a live conversation. This new app removes this barrier of the previous Skype app and makes video conversations more easy and fun.

This new app also comes along with a unique Qik Flik feature which lets the users to record 5 seconds video which could be reused in the situations where the user is not able to reply to a video message. The Qik Flik feature is available for Android and iOS phone and will be also available for the Windows Phones in the upcoming months.


If a user has Skype Qik installed on his/her phone then he/she is notified within the app when a message is received, and if any user dosen’t has the app installed, then the user is provided with the download link through a SMS.

The new Skype Qik is a part Whatsapp and a part Snapchat. Like Snapchat the Skype Qik is designed in such a way that the Qik messages get self destruct after 2 weeks and like Whatsapp the Skype Qik is easy to launch all you need is a phone number and a quick SMS verification and after this you are all set to go.Unlike Whatsapp the Android or Windows phone users using Qik app can block the contacts with whom they don’t want to connect. At present this feature is not available for the iPhone users but it will be available very soon in the upcoming months .

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