Smartphone Security in 5 Ways!

Smartphone Security in 5 Ways!

With the latest technology at your fingertips, getting most of the things done is now quick and easy. Through your smartphone; you pay your bills, recharge your phone, do online shopping, store your bank transactions and details along with your mail ids and passwords. With so much of information in your smartphone, how many times have you thought of making it fully secure from thefts and hackers? You must be in the misconception that because I have a smartphone, I am extremely safe. But the answer is no. Like any other gadget, its security depends mostly upon you. Here are five tips to help you increase the security level of your smartphone and safeguard yourself from any possible harm:

1. Anti-virus

Installing anti-virus in your smartphone is extremely crucial. You are probably doing bank transactions, making payments and accessing your mails through it every day. Have you ever thought about the havoc which will happen in your life if all those details got stolen? Even the thought scares you, right? Anti-virus will help you protect from malwares, threats or any other suspicious link. With fake anti-virus softwares on rise, be careful of what software you install. It is best to subscribe to a reputed one. Ensure that even your PC is equipped with high quality anti-virus software.

2. Beware of unfamiliar links

Many-a-times you must have received unknown links in the form of SMS,MMS or e-mail. But do not click on them. There are certain chances that those links are an attack on the information stored in your smartphone. If you still think that link needs to be checked, visit the particular website and search for the link there using keywords. Chances are high that you will not find it because it was a malware attack.

3. Internet surfing

You love to read fun articles on the go but wait! Browse carefully lest you click on a pop-up message box. Do not use the option ‘Remember me every time’. You must have come across many security warnings on websites saying they will use your information or it is dangerous to visit them. Respect that and leave the site immediately. Nothing is more important than the bank account details stored in your phone. There are many mobile anti-virus softwares available on Snapdeal. CashKaro has exclusive snapdeal promo code to give you the joy of double savings.

4. Lock your screen

Do not underestimate the power of screen lock. While most people use pattern lock, a pin code password is much better as it does not involve finger touch traces. In case your screen loses finger traces, it will be difficult for you to unlock your smartphone. Ensure that the password is hard to crack but at the same time easy for you to remember.

5. Avoid unreliable Bluetooth connection

You may think that hackers will never approach through Bluetooth connection because it’s a short range one but they do not like to leave any opportunity. Turn off the Bluetooth when not in use and set it to ‘non discoverable’. Do not accept any unknown Bluetooth requests to decrease the chances of hackers getting access to your phone.

Indulge in these safe practices and build up the security of your smartphone to avoid falling prey to any such attacks. If you feel suspicious about anything, just let your service provider or any other concerned person know about it to take remedial steps at the earliest.

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