Imagine Smartphone on your Wrist – Introducing Cicret Bracelet

Imagine Smartphone on your Wrist – Introducing Cicret Bracelet

The wearable technology has been on a role after the CES 2014 after which it continues to define as well as redefine the Smartphone’s in general. As a result of this we are getting to enjoy new hatching ideas that are quiet remarkable tangible new technical products.

Smartphone on your Wrist

As per the current scenario the wearables are getting more traction now a days. Now with the Latest Wearable Technology called as the Cicret Bracelet you can simply project your entire Smartphone’s scree onto your arm, ultimately turning your arm into a swipe able, fully interactive and touch sensitive Smartphone. This may sound like something wacky but it is true.

Working Principle of the Cicret Bracelet

The bracelet consists of a small “pico” projector and a row comprising of 8 Proximity sensors pointing toward the user’s forearm. The bracelet gets activated with the twist of the wrist which operates as a single standalone device and projects the Smartphone’s display on the arm of the user.

The 8 Proximity sensors determine the gesture commands or detect the position of the fingers and allow them to interact with the projected virtual Smartphone display over the user’s arm.

Some of the projected Specification of the Cicret Bracelet released so far are :-

Accelerometer, Micro USB support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LED, Memory card slot and sources also reveal that the French developers are also planning to provide a Micro SIM slot for the Cicret Bracelet so that it can act as a standalone device. In addition to all these specs the Bracelet will be available in the 16 GB as well as the 32 GB variant models and in 10 different colours along with this the Bracelet is also waterproof which is very great advantage of the Cicret Bracelet over the Smartphone’s as well as the tablets.

These are only the first impressions on how the technology would be, but the design and other technical related specs behind the Cicret Bracelet is still under development. The company is suffering from the biggest problem of insufficient funds and is organizing crowd-funding campaigns which is ultimately delaying the launch of the best revolutionary Wearable gadget of this century.

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