Special Guide – 5 Tips to speed up your Android Phone

Special Guide – 5 Tips to speed up your Android Phone

Speed up your Android Phone

The Android Smartphone’s have become the most tangible and essentials of our daily routines when it comes to business as well as the personal usages. When we see around, we see that the hardware capabilities of the Smartphone’s are advancing each day with the replacements of the dual core processors to the Quad-core and Octa-core processors , the replacement of the 32-bit processors with the 64-bit processors and also with the increase in the RAM availability from 768 MB to 1 or 2 GB of RAM.

Despite of these Hardware enhancements the biggest drawback which is faced by each and every Smartphone is the speed of the Smartphone which gradually increases with some of the most common and genuine reasons which are very often overlooked by each and every Smartphone user.

Tips to Speed up your Android Phone

1. Launcher


It is very often scenario that the Smartphone manufacturers now a days are launching the Smartphone’s with their customized UI running over the stock Android OS, which is potentially considered as the main reasons which slow down the Smartphone speed. To overcome this the best recommendation is to install a third party launcher on your Android device. Zero launcher is the best 3rd party Launcher and is also trusted for enhancing the overall speed of your Smartphone.

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2. Smartphone Booster

Smartphone Booster

The use of the Smartphone boosters can help you effectively in overcoming the slow Smartphone speed problem. Clean Master id the best Smartphone boosters that is at present available at the Google Play for free download. Clean Master helps you to clear all your Android phone junk as well as the trash, including some of the temporary files. Clean Master also helps you to optimize the RAM of system by freeing up the RAM with its one touch booster.

3. Auto Sync and Unnecessary Apps

Auto Sync and Unnecessary Apps

This is the most basic thing which is very much responsible for slowing down the overall performance speed of your Smartphone and it is most of the time overlooked. Auto sync should be disabled, which restricts the automatic syncing of the background data. The other thing which can speed up your Smartphone speed is the un-installation of the unnecessary Apps and the other widgets for your Android device.

4. Disable background Apps

Disable background Apps

For increasing the speed of your Android device the one of the best recommendation is to disable the unnecessary running background apps. As these apps occupy the RAM and thus degrade the speed of your Smartphone.

5. Use of an Anti-virus

Use of an Anti-virus

Sometimes using an Antivirus application can be proved very handy for increasing the overall speed of your Smartphone, as the antivirus protects your Android device from the malicious attacks which can also degrade the speed of your Smartphone. The best Antivirus options available at the Google play Store is the Quick Heal Antivirus.

You may even go rooting your device, but there is a very big risk involved in the process of rooting which can even brick your device and can fall in a very hilarious situation to unroot your device.

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