Technology that Changed Cricket

Technology that Changed Cricket

Technology that changed cricket

Cricket has been known as the gentlemen’s game and has seen many changes since the time it has been played. Whether it is the way to play cricket, the way to view cricket or the way to analyze cricket, cricket has evolved to be one of the most tech dependent sport today. There are many gadgets that changed cricket and made it a better sport, here is a list of technologies which had the most significant impact:

1. Hawk Eye:- It predicts the course of the bowl after the impact using multiple cameras. Generally used for reviewing umpire’s LBW (Leg Before the Wicket) decision for the commentator’s and the viewer’s convenience.

Hawk Eye

2. Spider Cam:- This is a revolution for filming sports events and viewers can experience the game of cricket in a much better way. It takes you on the field and you are exposed to the dimensions of the game like never before.

Spider Cam

3. HotSpot:- Infra Red Camera is used to determine whether the ball has hit the player,bat or the pad, used for UDRS and where the review option is not available it helps the commentators to share an opinion on the umpire’s decision.


4. Snickometer:- This technology uses slow motion video and a graphical representation of the sound waves that are recorded by the highly sensitive stump microphones to determine whether the ball was in contact with the bat.


5. Graphics:- Imagine watching a coverage of cricket match without any graphics. Graphics have made the game easy to understand.


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