Technology With Cardboard Box

Technology With Cardboard Box

Almost every day you order something from Stores. You keep that Product and throw away the box that
protected it. Have You ever imagined what can you do with that Box? Yes, You can make it your
Cosmetic Box or Dustbin or Storage Box, but What if a waste Cardboard box can become your new
gadget? Well This is not a dream. With Science and intelligence everything is possible now. Science
has turned the table around.

Cardboard boxes can do wonders. Let’s see how?


Cardboard speakers

The Speakers are Pyramid Shaped and 13.5 inches tall. Soundpad, a device which vibrate and produce
sound is attached inside the Speaker. It needs amplifier range somewhere between 10 to 50 watts per
channel. The best is its weight and quality, very light weighted with fine quality voice and in very
affordable price. What else do you want?

An iPhone Document Scanner

iPhone Document Scanner

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What if you can scan your documents with the help of an iPhone and a Cardboard. Yes, it’s true! First
Scanner made was able to scan 8.5X11 documents, but you can customized is as you want. The
Combination of an OCR tool like Evernote, Camera of an iPhone and of course some pieces of
cardboard can prove to be a miracle for people who needs a scanner every so often.
Go and try it by yourself!

Cardboard Gramophone

Cardboard Gramophone

Want to hear something special? Buy this or make it by yourself. Fit a pin to the cardboard cone, attach
it with the disc and spin the disc with your hand and you will hear something then. I know now nobody
uses a gramophone, but gifting it to your Grandmother or Grandfather can refresh their memories.

VR Cardboard

VR Cardboard

Interact with 3D world with the aid of a cardboard. You can simply do it by yourself using
specifications that Google has published and in a very low budget. Just place your Smartphone on the
back side and see the 3D world through the lenses in the front. The image split into two, so you can see
a full image with an eye.

Cardboard Robot Arm


I am a kind of person who can’t even put her used utensils in kitchen. Are you also one of them? Then
try this! Make a Robotic arm by yourself that can pick up dirty clothes or socks from the floor. What
else? It also has a Camera Crane with a Smartphone camera that enables you to take fantastic videos.
Amazing, no? Then, what are you waiting for. Google the steps and try it today only.

Science and Technology have seriously changed the whole Scenario. Reusing Cardboard with a little
innovation is not only improving your technical skills, but also focusing on how to recycle your
Cardboard boxes. Instead of putting them in a garbage bin, use them to help in one or another way.

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