The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a One-of-a-Kind Phablet. Find Out Why!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a One-of-a-Kind Phablet. Find Out Why!

Phablets nowadays have become the most popular and recognized mobile devices due to their large display, comfortable grip, amazing performance capabilities, and the best features of both tablets and smartphones. Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S6 edge on the 13th of this month alongside Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is capable of being recognized as the top-end offering by Samsung in the current android market. Samsung has claimed that Galaxy S6 edge is its “best-looking handset ever”. The Galaxy S6 is arguably the most advanced phone ever made by the company. The device takes aesthetics to a whole new level by wrapping the screen around the side bezel on both sides.

Galaxy S6 Edge

This exclusively beautiful looking device will certainly appeal to those who like to grab attention with their smartphones. An uber-powerful Octacore 2.1GHz processor and 3GB of RAM run the device. It has a 5.1” display with 1,440 x 2560 resolution and is protected with Gorilla Glass 4 which ensures the safety of the rather sensitive curved area. The display is one of the USPs of the Galaxy S6 Edge which gives it a leverage against the competition.

The devices come with a 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera which should be sufficient enough to fulfil your photography needs. The S6 Edge’s display is bright with vibrant colours and perfect contrast. In my opinion, this is one of the best displays out there in the market right now.



Samsung has put the curved display to good use with the help of a few special features. The most distinctive feature is the People Edge – a slide-out menu with five of your favorite contacts and shortcuts to call or text them. You can store 5 contacts along the edge. Obviously these 5 contacts will be the ones that are most important.

Tap the photos or circle to send a text message, email or call them from the options that appear. You can close the People Edge by swiping the screen in the opposite direction. In case you miss a call or a text message from a contact in the People Edge a small color tab on the side of the screen that corresponds to that person. You can check out the missed notification by swiping across it.

Galaxy S6 Edge - “glowing of the edge”

Probably the flashiest feature in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the “glowing of the edge” when you receive a call or text from any of the 5 contacts. However, the People Edge feature needs to be activated for this effect to be generated. Also, the phone needs to be resting down on a flat surface. For calls, the edge will glow with a wave pattern whereas text notifications will be characterized by light pulses that will remain active for a few seconds.

You no longer have to check the screen to find out who is calling you. Just remember the color that you assigned and it should not be hard for you to recognize the caller. Pretty cool, right? The “glowing edge” feature works best in low light conditions and only one edge glows. Still, it is one of the coolest features in a mobile device today.


“DOUBLE TAP AND SNAP” - Galaxy S6 Edge

People use their smartphones for clicking pictures, especially selfies. Why do they use a smartphone and not a camera? It’s simple. A smartphone is much more convenient and it is possible to share photos in social media instantly. Samsung has brought out an amazing feature in the Galaxy S6 Edge where the camera can be launched by double tapping the screen. The picture is clicked in 0.7 seconds which is pretty good as compared to the competition. This feature works even when the display is locked.

Apart from a 16MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera, the Galaxy S6 edge comes with a wide aperture for low-light shooting, real time auto HDR and more for amazing photos. The Galaxy S6 features a variety of camera modes that can be downloaded from the mobile app store.

By default the main (rear) camera has 7 pre-installed camera modes.

1. Auto mode (default).

2. Pro mode.

3. Selective focus mode.

4. Panorama mode.

5. Slow motion mode (for video recording).

6. Fast motion mode (for video recording).

7. Virtual shot mode.

The front camera has 4 pre-installed camera modes:

1. Selfie mode (default).

2. Wide selfie mode.

3. Virtual shot mode.

4. Interval shot mode.



Galaxy S6 Edge users will get the benefit of fast charging of the mobile device. The fast charging technology charges the phone completely in just 80 min. You can get a good 4-5 hours of usage with only ten minutes of charging. Say goodbye to charger anxiety!

The Galaxy S6 edge has wireless charging technology embedded into the hardware to give a seamless charging experience. Wireless charging is useful when you are travelling and don’t want to fumble around with a lot of connections.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Using your phone all day at a festival to snap photos, send texts and making your friends jealous on social media can suck up a lot of energy. Battery life is a precious asset, especially at musical festivals and other live events. This is why the Galaxy S6 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode that allows the device to last up to two days with a charge of only 37%. While using the Power Saving Mode, the screen would have a black and white theme with a limited number of usable applications being made available. However, the essential functions will still be available.

Are you going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Have you already bought one? Let us know your views and experience about this amazing device.

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