These 10 Countries Have Blazing Fast Internet Speeds

These 10 Countries Have Blazing Fast Internet Speeds

Internet has brought a world of information at our disposal with access to contents being just a click away. With everything being integrated with the World Wide Web, the need for speed has become paramount for convenient browsing and interactions. Haven’t you felt bummed when you had to wait for the site to load or your favourite video to buffer?

If you live in one of the following countries, then “internet speed” will never be an issue for you. These countries not only enjoy blazing fast internet speeds, but they have a happy user population that never uses the word “buffering” to describe the status of their web page.

Check out these 10 countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world.

#10 Finland


Average Speed: 12.1 Mbps

Finland is credited with being one of the richest regions in Europe. This is probably the reason behind the existence of high quality life and state of the art education. Be it work, education, communication or entertainment, internet forms an important part of our life today. Finland witnessed a whopping increase of 33% in internet speeds over the last year.

#9 Czech Republic


Average Speed: 12.3 Mbps

Did you know that Czech Republic is one of the fastest growing economic regions in Europe? The last few years have witnessed a growth in the development and integration of internet. Current statistics indicate a growth of 8.4% in internet speeds from last year.

#8 Ireland


Average Speed: 12.3 Mbps

Ireland has similar internet speeds to the ones present in Czech Republic. Even the growth in internet speeds over the past year has been same for both regions (8.4%). Internet has played an important role in the development of the country into one of the hottest and fastest growing technology sectors in all of Europe. With such growth stats, internet is not a privilege, rather a mandatory component for achieving the desired milestones.

#7 Latvia


Average Speed: 13 Mbps

I am sure that most of you have never heard about Latvia, so your surprise is completely understandable. The country is flourishing across all sectors and is indeed one of the most promising economic areas in the continent. Latvia has managed to increase its internet speeds by an amazing 25% with the current average speed being 13 Mbps.

#6 The Netherlands


Average Speed: 14.2 Mbps

The interesting bit about Netherlands is that it has the most broadband subscriptions per 100 subscription and has no caps on the bandwidth made available by internet service providers in the country. It also has the most homes in Europe that have internet speeds of 50 Mbps and higher. Since the House of Representatives has taken a stand against filtering, internet censorship (as mandated by the government) is practically non-existent here. The average speed in the Netherlands is 14.2 Mbps which is a 15% growth from the previous year.

#5 Switzerland


Average Speed: 14.5 Mbps

85.2% of Switzerland’s population access the internet, resulting in the highest number of internet users in the world. Add to that the beautiful scenic locations and picturesque views of this paradise, and you get one of the best places to live. With an average internet speed of 14.5 mbps, you can expect some seriously fast streaming, browsing and downloading in Switzerland.

#4 Sweden


Average Speed: 14.6 Mbps

With a growth in internet speeds by 34%, Sweden has managed to come to the top most positions in the list of countries with the fastest internet in the world. The country has the best internet speeds on the entire continent, despite being just a tad bit ahead than Finland. It has also achieved massive growth in speeds and infrastructure.

#3 Japan


Average Speed: 15.2 Mbps

Home to leading tech giants like Sony and Nintendo, Japan has a really fast and reliable internet connection that is growing at a steady pace every year. The current average speed of 15.2 mbps is a 16% growth over last year’s speeds. When it comes to technology, one can be at a loss of words to describe the country’s capabilities.

#2 Hong Kong


Average Speed: 16.8 Mbps

If you have been keeping track of various record breaking developments around the world, then you would be aware that Hong Kong is the first and only country that broke the 60 Mbps barrier back in 2013. One of the main reasons behind such a tremendous feat was growth and development in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) infrastructure coupled with some aggressive pricing for high speed internet access. It might not have seemed like a good idea then, but it is surely paying off today. The average internet speed in the country is 16.8 mbps which is a huge growth (37%) from the previous year’s speeds.

#1 South Korea


Average Speed: 22.2 Mbps

When it comes to internet speeds, no one even comes close to South Korea, the undisputed world champion in internet speeds. The increase in speeds as compared to the previous year may have been minuscule, but developments are underway for bringing out a 10Gbps Internet service soon. This would break the shackles and bring on a whole new level of user experience. It would a huge effort for other countries to even come in the vicinity of the speeds offered by South Korea.

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