Toddlers and Computers — Tips for Tech Success

Toddlers and Computers — Tips for Tech Success

Keep things under control.

Nowadays, the internet offers so many possibilities for fun and games for your kids that might easily encourage you to introduce your kids do the internet sooner than you thought.

Before making the big step, here are a few things that you should pay attention to:

Make technical preparations. If you have decided to purchase a computer just for your child, make sure that you adjust it so it can attract the attention of your toddler. Use colors, put your child’s favorite cartoon character as a desktop background and adjust the sounds. Of course, ensure that you adjust the noise so it won’t be too loud and scare the child.


Make your own investigation. Before letting your child in the world of the internet, check the sites you are planning to visit together. Make sure that the content of the site is designed for children and doesn’t contain violence or sudden and unexpected moves on the screen.

Mind the age. As you enter deeper into the internet world for kids, you’ll see that every activity or game is focusing on a particular age. Therefore, try not to go over your child’s possibilities even though you think he will overcome the higher levels for older kids. Let your child enjoy the moment.

Connect both worlds. If you have decided to present the virtual world to your child, think of its purpose. A good thing for beginners is to see animations of everyday situations such as the kids in the park, cats playing in the backyard etc. As time goes by, check out for virtual activities that can be applied in the real world, such as making a brick house, baking cookies, feeding animals etc.

Keep things under control. When you have already decided to show the internet toy to your kid, why not use it for good purposes? The internet is full of educational activities and games that will improve the way your child thinks and it will boost their imagination further more. Find interactive educational activities that include you as a parent as well but don’t forget to let your toddler have fun – video games are both fun and beneficial for your child.

Mind the age.

Think both about the present and the future. Toddlers have short attention span and, believe it or not, it’s a good thing at the beginning because it will allow you to provide fun time for your child on the internet but also prevent it from becoming an addiction. Think about the time your child needs to be engaged with computers on a daily or weekly basis and think about the content that he should see. Also, think how things are going to be developing in the future and what limits would be crossed: when will you let your child play on their own?; When will you let them choose what they want to see on the internet?

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