Top 10 Features your Smartphone Should Have

Top 10 Features your Smartphone Should Have

In the last few years, Smartphones have become such an integral part of our life, that, it can be said that a modern human being is completely lost without his/her phone. Gone are the days when phones were used for calling each other, now they play the part of messenger, teacher, navigator, entertainers to perfection. It would not be wrong to say that the best invention of the 21st century is a Smartphone.

Every year Smartphones are becoming bigger, better and slimmer laced with a variety of features, earlier comprised of many different machines. Consequently, here is a list of ten features that every Smartphone should have.

1. Good Design

As they say, “first impression is last impression”. Good Design is an important part of a good Smartphone. A great Smartphone should look, feel and touch right. A metal body phone appears premium, whereas, a well-designed plastic phone feels light and comfortable.

2. HD screen

Everyone has their choices regarding screen size. Some like it small, while, others use their phone for video watching, but all would agree screen should be high definition with good sunlight clarity.

3. 3G/4G

A Smartphone is, essentially, a piece of garbage without network connectivity. Therefore, a good network connection option is essential. With a good 3G/4G connection, you would not have to look for a Wi-Fi connection and you’ll be connected throughout the day.

4. GPS

No more stopping in the middle of the road, asking for direction. With a GPS Enabled phone, you will have all the information, you need.

5. Good Camera

The second most used feature of a Smartphone is photography. Keeping that in mind, more and more advanced technology is being used in Smartphone cameras. Devices like, Nokia Lumia 42 MP Phone will beat professional digital cameras in quality.

6. Screen Protection/Water Resistance

With all these features, many Smartphones come at a high cost. It is important that these phones are protected from possible damage.

7. Choice OS and App Store

Although, this is a given thing, with most Smartphones loaded with IOS, ANDROID or Windows Phone, but, it is important to take your preference and choices into account. Furthermore, a well-equipped app store is very essential for multi-tasking.

8. Good Technical Specs

All these features are useless without a good internal machinery. A good Smartphone must have a storage of at least 16 GB, at least 1 GB RAM and a Quad-Core processor.

9. Good Sound Quality

The Smartphone must be equipped with good speakers. Decent earphones must also be supplied with the phone.

10. Decent Battery Back-Up

Needless to say, every Smartphone derives its power from a battery. When battery is down, a Smartphone is nothing. Every Smartphone must have at least 2500 mAh battery.

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