Top 10 Incredible Looking iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Top 10 Incredible Looking iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Apple has always been known for making beautiful smartphones, but it seems like durability has never been the major focus. So if you love your iPhone and really don’t want it to tumble from your hands onto the hard floor, take precautions.

We have already seen many users dropping their iPhone within a day of buying, thanks to the slippery edges. Moreover, you cannot stop the happenings or accidents, but you can minimize the risk of damage by taking precautions and it is totally worth doing with the smartphones which is as expensive as a luxury product.

The best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases you can protect your device from drops and other damages, plus, it adds a little extra grip to the slippery surface. So if you want to secure your investment without taking away the beautiful design here are some the best cases for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Although accessory market in the recent years has almost exploded with the new and smart iPhone cases which are providing all the functionalities, but to help you to narrow down your choices from the lump, these are some of the best cases you can choose from.

Advent Aurora – $550 – $1000

Advent Aurora - $550 - $1000 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Advent iPhone 6 and 6S is an exclusive bumper created by Gray International which is made of pure titanium with the machined precision fit. This comes in a very fancy packaging, which cannot be really ignored while talking about it.

Well, the very first glance to the bumper will make you feel that it looks like anything out of the ordinary. This case brings all the qualities of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail which gives your device a very superior look. Plus, the property of being made of grade 5 titanium makes sure for the safety of the device. Also, it has a unique design, as each case consists of 2 pieces that slide in from the sides of your device and done. But do not forget the price tag, it is the most expensive case in the entire list. This exclusive bumper will cost you more than your iPhone, which is scary. Yes, the Advent Aurora has a price tag of $550 – 1000, depending on the different models. Want a exclusive case for your regular iPhone, this is the one for you.

Radius Mod 3 – $79

Radius Mod 3 - $79 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Personally, I was surprised to know that is called an iPhone bikini case. Does something like that really exist like that?

Well here’s the Radius Mod 3, a case for your iPhone which is something you must have never seen before. Yes, not as expensive with a price tag of $79, but still a little bit of a strange case called as the bikini case. The name says it all. It covers so little and offers so little protection and actually it only covers the corners of the handset. So, it looks great with its unique design of it and without being too obnoxious, less expensive and made of aluminum, but you will love it only until you drop it on screen.

X-Doria Defense – $14 – $60

X-Doria Defense - $14 - $60 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

X-Doria Defense is a little more conventional case for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S as it is less expensive and gives a whole new look to your device. Particularly, the design of the case is pretty amazing and offers great protection. The border class with the leather finish makes it look very premium.

The case consists of a shockproof layer of rubber on the inside and the outer hard border is significantly beautiful with the matte finish. So if you were looking for something very premium and high quality case which is not overly priced, X-Doria Defense can be a great choice.

Toast Wood Case – $40 – $60

Toast Wood Case - $40 - $60 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Here’re something for the people who really like to try new things with their iPhone. Toast Wood Case is really somethings different for sure.

Basically, Toast Wood Case is more of a skin than a case you put on to your device, but it does have case properties. This skin really gives an old school look to the advanced technology which somehow sounds to be a good combination. You can wrap it around the back and the front (optional) and can even get different logos on it.

MagBak Case – $39

MagBak Case - $39 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Can you mount you iPhone to your dashboard or the kitchen wall? Well here is an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S case with a magnetic touch, the MacBak.

As the name suggests, the MacBak has a magnetic strips inside which helps you to mount your phone where ever you want. It has very simple and elegant design with the ability to be mounted. It also ships with two MacSticks which are small magnetic strips that you can stick on the car dash or the kitchen tile for mounting your iPhone. It’s very slim, so it may not provide much drop protection, but the magnetic docks are potentially very handy.

Spigen Tough Armor Tech Carbon – $22

Spigen Tough Armor Tech Carbon - $22 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

The Spigen Tough Armor Tech Carbon for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 is a two-layer case with a flexible rubber core and a hard plastic outer shell. This is very common cases but it is incredibly durable and rigid. If you really want somethings which is simple, cheap, tough and offers great safety, Spigen Tough Armor Tech Carbon can be a great choice.

Urban Armor Gear – $28

Urban Armor Gear - $28 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Again a tough, simple and cheap case for your iPhone 6 and 6S which offers you great safety and protection to your device. Urban Armor Gear is yet another case which has a rigged look but has a very slim design than the other similar.

Trident Aegis Pro Case – $39.99

Trident Aegis Pro Case - $39.99 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Trident Case’s Aegis Pro Case is a two-piece hard plastic case for iPhone 6s. Aegis Pro includes button coverage and, interestingly, built-in rubber covers for the headphone and Lightning ports. It’s a seriously tough case that meets military drop-test standard 810G, by blending tough polycarbonate on the outside with a shock-absorbent TPE inner.

So, if you are really a mishandled then this case is perfect for you.

Caseology Envoy Series Case – $24.99

Caseology Envoy Series Case - $24.99 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Cases

Caseology is another is best known as a budget case manufacturers that offers an assortment of more contemporary and stylish cases made out of leather, carbon fiber, and textured materials. The frame has a metallic gold finish, but you can get a variety of different effects on the back including black or white carbon fiber, or a blue, brown, or gold faux leather.

It not necessary that you will have to spend more to get a case that looks expensive so if you were looking for something which looks premium and elegant, you can prefer to this case.

Which one of the above listed iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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