Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014

Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014

Back in the day, billing and invoicing systems were manual where receivables were tied to fixed billing cycle and the customer base were more or less constant. The landscape began changing as business size varied, customer base expanded, customers’ location varied, billing cycles varied and thus the payment methods. Although billing and invoice were automated, companies shied away from investing too much into it; but wanted to have all the flexibility and benefits of a desktop/offline based billing and invoicing system. The cost factor is more pronounced if you are an agency, sole proprietor, a distributor or someone whose business requires a lot of traveling.

How an online software in-line with your billing and invoicing needs?

  •  Timely prompts and acknowledgements

Notifications and reminders will greatly help you and your customers to stick to the billing cycle. The online system also notifies your customers when you receive the payment.

  •  Multiple invoicing options

Online invoicing offers various options to customize your invoice based on your requirements. You can have numerous templates for different invoices and customer types. You can even have the option to create and send invoices from your mobile devices. The templates are highly customizable in whatever way you require. All you need is to work with your service provider. All these will save you a tons of time.

  • Payment options

Electronic payment can be included into your online invoicing system providing your customers and you with easy/quick payment and receipts in any currency.

  • Effective management of information

Online invoicing software help you systematically manage/track/automate all information with regard to client, payment and receipts as well make it readily available.

  • Security

An online billing and invoicing software come with high level of security. Security is an essential feature as various online threats can jeopardise your payment transactions leading to theft of information and money.

  • Access anywhere and anytime

Online billing and invoicing software are cloud enabled hence you can do invoicing whenever and wherever you want to.

Billing Software of 2014

Online software that can be in-line with your billing and invoicing needs


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014

Invoicera offers 3 plans – Classic ($19.95/month), Business (39.95/month) and Infinite ($99.95/month). The features include – 20+ payment gateways, multiple language & currency support, invoices scheduling, API support, late-fee module, template customization module, SSL encryption, data backups, extensive reports, and access of customizable templates. Invoicera can be integrated to your website, It can be hosted on your own server.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 2

FreshBooks offers 4 plans – Free (1 client), Seedling ($19.95/month), Evergreen ($29.95/month) and Mighty Oak ($39.95/month). The features include – invoice customization, track invoice view by customers, convert estimates to invoices, nearly 13+ payment gateways, late payment fee setup, auto payment and recurrence, multi language and currency, client portal for clients to view payment history, track offline payments, credit to client & tracking, and mail or email clients.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 3

Nutcache is a free to use online billing and invoicing software. All the features are unlimited. You can track the invoices and expenses. A free online time tracking software helps you track the hours spend on each project by your employees and generate bills accordingly. The integrated reporting tool helps you run above 20 reports based on various parameters. Nutcache Time Logger is mobile app that is available for Android and iOS devices.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 4

BillGrid, The first 30 days’ usage is free. The two paid plans are – Professional ($8/month) and Company ($20/month). The features include – Unlimited invoices & estimates, unlimited time tracking, unlimited client accounts, accept payments online, SSL, automated reminders, style, color and logo customizations, recurring invoices, multiple staff (Company Plan), multiple company names (Company Plan).


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 5

Besides the free plan, CurdBee offers 2 paid plans – Pro ($5/month) and Big ($20/month). Features are – unlimited clients and invoices, online payment gateway support, PDF downloadable, supports taxes, shipping and discount, multiple currencies, reminders and acknowledgments, customizable, duplicate estimates, perioding billing and mailing/emailing, expense tracking, offline and sync later, and, various reporting options.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 6

Xero, 30 days free trial, after which the paid plans are – Starter ($20/month), Standards ($30/month) and Premium ($40/month). Premium plan supports unlimited Bank transactions, invoices, bill and multi-currency. The software is suited for small businesses. Users claims that the software is bundle of the best in great balance. It’s responsive and have clocked uptime of 99.97% since 2007. It assures seamless collaboration. The company has dedicated teams providing unlimited email support. 300+ add-on applications which you can pick and chose whenever you require.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 7

Based out of London, the group of individuals develops and maintains Invoiceable. Invoiceable is a free online invoicing and billing software. The software is apt for freelancers and small businesses. After signing up, you can instantly create and send simple yet highly professional invoices. All the features are unlimited. However the invoices will bear Invoiceable’s mark at the bottom of the invoice. A one time payment of £49 will remove it. This can be done by upgrading the subscription.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 8

Harvest, The 3 paid plans are – Solo ($12/month – 1 to 3 Users), Basic ($49/month – 5 to 9 users) and Business ($99/month – starts at $10/month). The additional users cost $10 per user per month. Simple time tracking, Multi-currency online invoicing, Powerful reports, iPhone and Android compatibility, Desktop widgets & apps, Full budget management, Data import and export, 3rd party add-ons, Google apps integration, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, and, Daily data backup and 128-bit security.


Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 9

BillingOrchard comes with 3 paid plans – Oak ($19.95/month), Orchard ($29.95/month) and Forest ($69.95/month). Typically fits mid-sized companies as well as freelancers, BillingOrchard helps – in the creation of customized and trackable online invoices, access invoice and payment history, track hours and bill, project cash flow and expenses. Debuting in 2001, BillingOrchard tracks time and automates recurring hosting charges in an all-in-one invoicing, recurring billing, and payment processing solution.

Zoho Invoice

Top 10 Online Invoicing & Billing Software of 2014 10

Zoho Invoice has two paid plans – Standard ($15/month for 500 customers and 3 users) and Professional ($30/month all unlimited). Zoho Invoice manages your contacts in one place. It enables you to monitor your clients’ activities and communicate instantaneously. The software employs analytics that helps you in get a overview how your business is progressing.

Billing and invoicing has particularly been a trouble especially for small/mid-sized companies. SaaS based online software are sufficient to take care of their needs. However choose with care.

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