Top 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Top 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Google’s Chrome browser is packed with unthinkable amount of extension which helps too add more functionality to the browser. The Chrome Web Store has add-ons and extensions to provide quick access to just about every web functionality imaginable.

Roughly, there are 50,000 Google Chrome Extensions which makes it tough for the users to swift through the store to find out which is actually useful to you.

Rather than putting you in a dilemma of finding the best add-ons or extensions through the store, we have featured some of the best Google Chrome Extensions to change your chrome experience completely.

Here a list of some of the best Chrome Extensions that will enhance your browsing experience.

ChimeStay informed of your web notifications

Chime - Google Chrome Extensions

Chime is a extension which aggregates your notification across the web and keep track of everything – Facebook, Reddit, Gmail, Flickr, and many more. Replying to every post immediately can be a tricky task, but not with Chime. The Chime extensions will helps you monitor and keep tabs on notifications you receive across multiple sites so that you can respond to them as quickly as possible.

Google Dictionary View definitions easily as you browse the web

Google Dictionary - Google Chrome Extensions

This dictionary extension has probably seen the most downloads on Chrome Web Store. On any webpage you can double click on any word to see its complete definition displayed in a short pop-up. This extension even makes it a little easier to brush up your vocabulary. This extension supports 7 different languages and can also translate a foreign word to your default language. You can set language and other choices from the Options menu of the extension.

Ginger Spell checker and Grammar checker

Ginger - Google Chrome Extensions

Usually this Ginger helps you to write better by providing a toolbox for all of your writing needs. It includes a grammar and spell checker, cross language translator, contextual synonyms, word definition and other writing tools. As you write within the browser or the application, your grammar spelling and punctuation mistakes are automatically highlighted. You can hover over the highlighted word to see the suggested correction.

Evernote Web Clipper – Takes browsing to a next level

Evernote Web Clipper - Google Chrome Extensions

Evernote web clipper goes beyond the basic internet searches, coping and pasting of links. With just a press of button, you can annotate pages, save a simplified reading view, create summary links, or just grab an image of the entire page. Clip the web pages you want to keep, by saving them in Evernote and you can easily find them on any device when needed.

Momentum Get a personal dashboard

Momentum - Google Chrome Extensions

Momentum is a new extension which turns the New Tab of Chrome into a place to inspire and motivate to make the things get done. Sometimes you just need more good then the recently viewed link on your new tab. The four essential parts that makes Momentum a great extension are, a beautiful photograph used as a background image, an inspirational quote to get you going, weather of the city you are in, time and a to-do list built into the app.

1Password Forget all your passwords

1Password - Google Chrome Extensions

Tiered of remembering your passwords for all of your social accounts? 1Password is a great help here. It is a password management system. Instead of remembering countless passwords, 1Password will help you creating a single password for every single site you use. Its like outsourcing your password remembering task to this app. Keep all your data safe and secure with this extension and make your work easy.

PanicButton One button to hide them all

PanicButton - Google Chrome Extensions

At work? Don’t want to get caught by your boos, while reading and browsing bunch of websites that does not relates to your work. Well here is a chrome extension ‘PanicButton’ to save you from the happening. This extension quickly hides all your open tabs in chrome and lets you open them again and later. You set up your PanicButton to either replace all your tabs with a blank page or a specific URL. You can activate it by pressing PanicButton or press F4 to hide and restore the tabs.

Disconnect Makes web faster, private and secure

Disconnect - Google Chrome Extensions

Disconnected is been named as one of the 100 best innovations of the year by popular science. You can use this extension to disable different advertising, analytics, social and content related to trackers who try to map your every activity online. This extensions lets you visualize and block the otherwise invisible websites that track your search and browsing history.

Pushbullet Connect and share with all you devices

Pushbullet - Google Chrome Extensions

Your messages, photos, songs, and links are always stored in different places. Be it the phone, tablet, computer, and all the devices you use in your daily life. Pushbullet is a place where all this can get connected together and are easily accessible. Its a very handy combination of the Android, iOs app and browser extension that allows users to easily share files, notifications, links and other material between your phone and your computer.

AdBlock Plus Blocks most ads on web pages

AdBlock Plus - Google Chrome Extensions

AdBlock Plus is the most popular ad-blockers online among all of them. Doesn’t it becomes very unpleasant when all the not-so-family friendly ads on the different sites comes up. With this extension you can block all the unwanted and unpleasant ads on your browser.

Which of the above listed extension could make the most use for you. Let is know in the comment section below.

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