Top 5 Amazing Photography Gadgets every Photographer Should Have

Top 5 Amazing Photography Gadgets every Photographer Should Have

There is no doubt that photography can be an expensive hobby. The camera itself costs a lot and when it comes to lenses, they cost a lot more than the camera body. Even after spending a considerable amount on your camera and lenses, you will have to spend even more on the accessories.

The options in photography accessories are endless and selecting one from the enormous array of accessories available is daunting. Well, this is a good thing for professional photographers to have so many choices but for the beginners, it becomes really difficult for them not to get tempted and overwhelmed by all the choices. To help you out, we have compiled a list which contains some of the most amazing gadgets every photographer will find useful at some point in time.

Pico Time Lapse

Pico Time Lapse - Photography Gadgets

Pico is a smart controller for time-lapsed photography. It is a recently Kickstarter funded, smartphone-controlled camera dongle specially designed to make shooting time lapse photos easier. This little piece of technology automatically triggers your camera to capture hundreds of photos that can later be assembled into an awesome time lapse video.

Pico can be programmed easily with the smartphone app which is very compatible to use and has a very user-friendly UI. After loading the app, simply plug the Pico device into the headphone socket of the device and dial in all your time-lapse setting for overall duration and interval. After this, just one press sends the entire program to the device. Pico beeps and lets you know that the program has arrived. Plug it into your camera’s remote port and let Pico do all the hard work for you.

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Capture Clip

Capture Clip - Photography Gadgets

Peak Design is a company that has created a lot of awesome products for outdoor photography. The Capture Clip is one of their best products and has gained a lot of popularity. The idea of Capture Clip is really simple – take clips that can be placed on any strap or belt and attach a plate to the tripod mount of the camera body. The plate easily slips into the clip and is captured by a locking mechanism that holds the camera in place until you are ready for it. When you need the camera, you can simply press the red release button on the plate and grab it. So if you are really into outdoor photography, then is the perfect clip for you.

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Everyday Messenger

Everyday Messenger - Photography Gadgets

It took 10months, 3weeks and 2 days for a company to build a camera bag. Yes, the credit goes again to Peak Design. So if you have spent many years just searching for a great camera bag, then your search ends here.

The name of the product implies that this bag can remove the gap between a photographer’s bag and one that anyone can use every day. It is actually a camera bag that can double-duty as a non-camera bag. The Peak Design studied fabrics, hardware, access, camera sizes, protection, workflows, carry styles and aesthetics to make the Everyday Messenger. They have reinvented everything and every last part of the bag to come up with this creative masterpiece that will make anyone fall in love with it. The company claims that “the everyday bag is for everyone”.

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The Gnarbox

The Gnarbox - Photography Gadgets

This is what we call a modern solution to a modern problem. Photo and video editors are aware that getting the work done on-the-go is no simple task. After finishing your shoots outdoor, you will need your laptop for editing the files. This is where the problem arises. Your footage and your files are at a risk of ending up corrupted on your memory card or hard drive. Gnarbox tackles this issue by bundling a Wi-Fi hard drive with a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, a dedicated GPU, about seven hours battery life and a comprehensive mobile app.

It is the first rugged device which gives you full control over your HD content while on-the-go. It has been designed for your media content. It is the only product that downloads your camera’s data, organizes your files and allows you to quickly add current highlights at full resolution from your smartphone. So you no longer need to take your laptops wherever you go. Just plug in your camera’s memory card, connect to the Gnarbox Hotspot and open the app.

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Petzval 58

Petzval 58 - Photography Gadgets

Photography with the involvement of technology may have gone digital, but, there are still a lot of die-hard analog fans out there. Lomography’s new Petzval 58 lens is all about the bokeh, that wonderful blurred background technique that makes photos look dreamy.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Petzval 58 lens is it’s shiny brass made body, just like their Petzval 85 lens and the original Petzval lenses from 150 years ago. The Bokeh Control Art lens is a manual focus lens with no electronics component at all. It uses the classic gear rack mechanism for focusing, a design that is pretty much old fashioned these days. The 58mm lens has a maximum aperture of f/1.9 and it is said that 58mm focal point is more suitable for portrait and landscape. The amount of bokeh can be adjusted using a seven-step control ring, which Lomo says had not been possible before. In all, this is an amazing lens to be added to your collection.

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