Top 5 Hug Day Images and Quotes

Top 5 Hug Day Images and Quotes


There is nothing as magical as a hug, it releases stress in a jiffy and injects happiness in our soul. It can be your friends, partner or parents just make sure to hug them this Hug Day and dedicate them a quote or message from our list of “Top 5 Hug Day Images and Messages.”

1. Meaning Of Hugs:
H – Happy Feelings Shared
U – Universally Warm & Fuzzy
G – Great 2 Give & 2 Receive
S – Sure 2 Make Anyone’s Day
I Hope This “HUG”.
Makes Your Day Brighter.

Happy Hug Day!!


2. There Is A Warm Hug
Where You Are A Shoulder
I Can Lean On Tenderness,
Warmth, Smile, Happiness
In Short, Where You Are
There Is Everything I Can Dream Of.
Wishing My Sweety A Beautiful
And A Joyful Hug Day…..

Happy Hug Day My Love!!


3. Do You Know
There Is One Gift Which Can’t Be Given
Without Taking It Back
That Is Why I Give You Hug
Which Can’t Be Giving Without Taking It Back.

Happy Hug Day!!


4. You can’t Wrap Love In A Box,
But You Can Wrap A Person In A Hug.
A Hug Charms, Warms
And Makes Everyone Happy!!!
That Must Be Why God Gave Us Arms.
So Here Is A Hug For You.

Happy Hug Day!!


5. Hug Day Is Not How Long You’ve Been Together; Not How Much You’ve Given Or Receive;
Not How Many Times You’ve Helped Each Other – It’s How You Value Each Other.


Remember to make this special day more special and express your real feelings because at the end of the day all your efforts may go in vain if it is not from your heart.

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