Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Online Payment

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Online Payment

Cashless payments – this is the greatest benefit of the digital age which has allowed the world’s business scenario to unify under a common transaction system which is aimed at providing great convenience to users. The entire concept of cashless payments is to allow customers to make payments using their mobile devices or even through a PC wherein they only need to transfer the funds or use a debit / credit card to make payments. This convenient payment method has been taken a notch high with the introduction of dedicate smartphone apps that have payment gateways for initiating funds exchange.

The top 5 smartphone apps for online payment are:

1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Google Wallet has gained popularity among android smartphone users as one of the easiest way to make online payments. It is also one of the most effective digital wallets in the market. Once you register your credit card / debit card with the app, you can make online payments with a touch of a button. Moreover, you can even wave it in front of the NFC machine or you can tap it against the machine and your payment will be made. This is the level of convenience that is offered by Google Wallet.

As of now, NFC may not be available for most devices but the existence of compatibility states that as soon as NFC is made available on a large scale for more devices, the app would be more than capable of handling it. Google Wallet supports phones and credit cards that have been issued in the US and all transactions made through it works in that region only. A global availability is yet to be established. As per current records, Google Wallet supports over 20 merchants. But it is open for associations so more merchants can be included.

2. Square Wallet

Square Wallet online payment app

Square Wallet is an online payment app for Android and iOS wherein you need to link your credit the payment is made exclusively through merchant cards. So at the moment, you can Square Wallet for transacting with merchants that are authorized and recognized by this service.

This is a location based app so the store would be aware of your presence and will charge any purchase to your account. The service has rewards and benefits wherein you may even transfer the in-store gift vouchers to other users. How cool is that?


ISIS online payment app

ISIS is a dedicated mobile wallet which has its own cash card. This unique card comes preloaded with an initial amount of $10 which helps you to start transacting immediately. The app offers convenient management of coupons, loyalty cards and redeemable offers provided by the list of authorized merchants.

The only catch to this app is that it works with NFC enabled smartphones so the majority of the smartphone users need to wait till NFC is introduced for a greater proportion of mobile devices. As far as security features are concerned, the ISIS comes with PIN protection and the app will freeze the wallet and the wireless connection remotely, should the device get lost or stolen. Upon recovery, the app can be reactivated by calling the service providers and verifying your identity.

4. Dwolla

Dwolla Online payment

Dwolla is an online payment app which is compatible with iOS and android. The benefit of this app is that a lot of merchants are associated with this service and this helps you to conveniently make purchases with greater options to choose from.

The registration process requires you to connect your bank account directly with their service so that you can easily transfer the funds to friends on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you consider the basic “running-out-of-cash” scenarios, this app could prove to be a big help where you would be able to literally repay your friends for their help.

5. Paypal

Paypal app

Now this is one online payment service that needs no introduction. Paypal has been around for quite some time and is one of the most popular cashless payment services available today. The interesting thing to note about this service is that it has entered the mobile space with a dedicated app of its own and this has increased the convenience levels for paypal members.

The app is available for the Android and iOS platforms and has the facility to show past transactions in a detailed manner. A card reader is also in plans by Paypal but this is currently in the testing phases so do not expect this to come out any time soon.

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