Top 5 TVs for Watching Sports

Top 5 TVs for Watching Sports

Top 5 TVs for Watching SportsWith FIFA ’14 World Cup drawing near, every avid football fan in the world is getting prepared to be in front of the television or the entire tournament. And the same applies for every major sporting event where the fans of the game are glued to the television sets and get engrossed in the game. One of the most important factors that is a requisite for Sports TVs is the picture quality. Everybody wants to enjoy their favorite game without missing any detail. With advancements in media transmission technology, it is possible to get video signals in HD definition format, even for live games. But does your TV support and reproduce the quality that these signals are capable of? It is probable that your TV will just not be able to deliver the expected performance.

When evaluating a sports TV, the following factors are checked:

  • Brightness
  • Refresh Rate
  • Large Screen Size

Check out the following top 6 sports TVs that every sports fan must have.

Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 Plasma HDTV

  Approximate Retail Price: $4,099.99

 Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 Plasma HDTVThe TC-P65ZT60 has the best integration of plasma technology that is being used in display units today. The anti-glare filter and lightning fast graphics rendering makes even the most fast paced games seem solid and detailed. Your eyes will be given the comfort that they deserve with this marvelous display masterpiece.

Samsung PN60F8500 Plasma HDTV

Samsung PN60F8500 Plasma HDTV

Approximate Retail Price: $2397.99

Samsung has come up with a great 60 inch plasma television, the PN60F8500, which has a powerful light output that is capable of giving stiff competition to LED / LCD based television sets in similar product lines. The anti-glare technology is really effective and it even retains the color of black content even in bright conditions. It is amongst Samsung’s top performing television in its sports TV segment.


 Sony KDL-55W900A LCD HDTVApproximate Retail Price: $4959.55

This is a midline product from Sony but it packs quite a punch with bright, crisply detailed picture. The rich color renditions are made possible with the use of Triluminos, Sony’s proprietary technology. It also has great motion blur reducing features as the set comes with Sony’s very own MotionFlow processing systems. Moreover, the off screen axis on this device is much better in comparison to other.

Samsung UN55F7100 LCD HDTV

 Approximate Retail Price: Under $ 1500

This is a great value television set by Samsung and has the company’s custom Auto Motion Plus setting which allows you to apply blur reduction settings independently as per your preferences. Samsung UN55F7100 LCD HDTVWith this feature you can optimize it for motion heavy viewing such as sports, while the Judder reduction may be minimized for optimizing viewing experience for movies. It has average off-axis performance with the image quality appearing great from a central seating position. However, the viewing tends to become slightly dull when viewed from side angles. This television is the best choice for all fans who prefer to watch games alone. For watching your favorite games for your friends, you can always opt for bigger screen sizes to compensate the off-axis performance. Other variants include 60 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch.

Samsung UN65F9000 UHDTV                                                            

Approximate Retail Price: $4497.99

 Samsung UN65F9000 UHDTVThe UN65F9000 is an ultra HD television which makes it the best viewing device for sports. The ultra-high definition format provides great blur-minimization features, bright picture quality and amazing contrast. This device comes loaded with Samsung’s One Connect box, which can be easily upgraded for next gen developments such as HDMI 2.0 and the sports-friendly 2160/60p video format.

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