Top 7 Funky Gadgets

Top 7 Funky Gadgets

Funky Gadgets

This week we came across some of the most out of the box gadgets on the web, not only these gadgets are available to be explored but you can actually own one. Here is a round up of one of the most Funky Gadgets available online with their respective prices and available locations.

1. iPad Foosball

iPad Foosball

This great funky gadget is a must have for all Foosball fans out there, just turnout your ipad into a classic foosball table and play. The accessory and app allows to play 1-man and 3-man goalie options. The game looks great with amazing 3d graphics and Classic foosball play fields.

Price-Rs. 4,500

Available at:-

2. USB Slippers

USB Slippers

Do your feet often feel cold during winters? This gadget is like a heating pad for your feet and can be heated with any laptop or computer via USB. They are super smooth and comfortable fit for any feet size.

Price-Rs. 1,950

Available at:-

3. Hoarder


If you want to be a hit at your college then this is the gadget you are probably looking for. It is actually a back-pack with speakers that are just loud enough. Powered by 3 AA batteries these speakers can be attached with devices that have standard headphone inputs.

Price-Rs. 3,900

Available at:-

4. Hot Cookie Cup Warmer

Hot Cookie Cup Warmer

Now this one is a serious gadget for all coffee lovers. This gadget will help to keep your hot drinks warm maintaining a temperature of 40-50 C. Heated via USB this gadget sits under your cup and even looks better than a saucer.


Available at:-

5. Remote Card Key Finder

Remote Card Key Finder

Say bye-bye to lost keys, just attach your key to the key ring. Whenever you loose your key just click the credit card sized finder and the key ring will blink and beep. This gadget might not be that appealing but surely is an useful one.


Available at:-

6. Self Stir Mug

Self Stir Mug

Add your favourite ingredients and with click of a button your drink will be ready. Hot or cold this gadget stirs any drink and easy to clean too. A must have for coffee lovers this gadget will give you the perfect froth.



7. Vintage Microphone

Vintage Microphone

Retro lovers will fall in love with this one. From the age of rock n roll it landed up here and it is now much easy to use. So clear your throat and sing along with this quirky vintage microphone.


Available at:-

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