Top Most Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015

Top Most Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015

Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015

It is obvious that many new Android Apps are available at the Google Play Store. Here we have got the top 5 trending and new Android apps for you :-

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Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015

Nova Launcher

 Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015 nova launcher

After the announcement of the Android 5.0 Lollipop the Android users are very much curious for the Android Lollipop update to roll out but in the mean time if you can’t wait here is an app that will give you the individual components of the Android 5.0. For all of this you have just install the Nova Launcher which is available for free at the Google Play Store. This app you will get you the icon themes for calculator, contacts and scroll indicators and many more just like they have been designed for the Android 5.0 UI. This app does not require any sort of root access and is the Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015.


Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015 Front back app

It is clear by the name itself that this app is related to both Front and the back by in what ways? This app enables to take pictures by using both the front as well as the back camera at the same time. Now the person who is clicking the photos is also not excluded from the photograph as a result of this app. It is now that many of the Smartphones are coming with this functionality already pre installed as this app just enhances the photo experience of the user with its unique functionality.Previously this app was only available for the iOS platform but now it is also available for the Android users via Play Store for free.


Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015 ring smart app

The RingSmart is a total ad free and a low battery consumption app which is available at the Play Store for free. This app allows you to automatically set up your phones ringtone volume,preference based upon your location and time.Suppose you have a meeting at 10:00 am to 12.00 pm and want no one to disturb you then this app can help you a lot. This app enables the user to turn the phone into silent mode and after the meeting is done the phone will again switch back to the normal ringing mode without even touching the phone just you have do very simple settings.This app automatically follows your GPS location to known (programmed) places to turn the ringer volume up, down, vibrate or silent according to the location.

Snowball app

Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015 Snowball app

Snowball is a very great Android app and is the among those Android apps that were first only made for Android users. The unique functionality of this app enables you to place or compile all of your messages form Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, Line etc. into one place or spot making it a lot easier to go through the messages as one does not need to bounce back and forth from app to app. The feature of compiling of messages into one place or spot makes this app Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015

Glympse Express

Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015 Glympse express app

This new app is available at the Google Play Store for free. This app enables you to share your location via the Glympse Express app to Facebook, WhatsApp and line etc. Through a temporary link which can be viewed on the map by the other users. This app is very easy and simple to use all you have to do is open the Glympse Express app and select the app with which you want to share your location and this is Popular Android Apps For 2014-2015

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