Top YouTube Channels

Top YouTube Channels

Top Youtube Channels

Here is a list of best YouTube Channels which we carefully chose according to their genres. These Top YouTube Channels have been selected on the basis of their number of subscribers, entertainment value, content, educative value and relevance.


1. RomanAtWood Pranks Subscribers – 5,114,981

There is only one thing that you are going to do after you watch this channel and that is “Laugh Out Loud”. Their pranks are awesome, innovative and will surely make even a dead man laugh.

2. Zaid AliT Subscribers – 310,692

He is hilarious, he is fun and a one man army. He mimics how South Asians actually behave in real life instances and is popular among Hindi speaking viewers.

3. Nigahiga Subscribers – 13,553,498

This Japanese descent American actor is one of the most popular YouTube personality. He cracks jokes that are fun to watch.


1. The Verge Subscribers – 500,936

Verge provides you what you are actually looking for before buying a device. They provide you with reviews which are simple and easy to understand.

2. Tech Crunch Subscribers – 101,493

A great channel if you want to watch tech updates and reviews while they are being used. That surely make them easy to grasp and understand.

3. Jared Polin Subscribers – 374,589

He has his own website “” and is a channel for those who are actually looking for a channel that talks about cameras and camera accessories. He may look weird but his knowledge about cameras is great.


1. Epic Mee Subscribal Timers – 6,661,927

This one is surely not a normal cooking show channel. They tell us recipes in a fun way and their recipes surely will turn your food dreams true.

2. HGTV Hand Made Subscribers – 127,998

Not only informative but even fun to see, they have videos that will make you forget that you are actually learning something.

3. DIY Ready

Their projects are easy to follow and offer tutorials that are for variety of interests. This channel offers you tutorials that uses things that are easily available around you.


1. Vevo Subscribers – 8,366,603

It has the greatest collection of music videos and there is no celebrity artist which they don’t feature. Even artists have their own Vevo Channel.

2. The Piano Guys  Subscribers – 3,529,265

They offer one of the most heart warming music on the YouTube space and the music makes you relax.

3. Spinnin’ Records Subscribers – 7,946,216

Like Vevo even they have many videos by different artists, but has a dedicated audience. They have a great collection and is a popular channel among music lovers.

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