Tricks to Win The Top Trending Non-Racing Mobile Games of 2017

Tricks to Win The Top Trending Non-Racing Mobile Games of 2017

The experience of playing video games is getting more personalized by each passing day. It started with huge TV-like panels some 30 years back, evolved into smaller consoles and media centers with revolutionary brands like PlayStation and XBox and today everything has shrunk to fit in our palms. With the advent of mobile technology, the smartphones came into existence and today we enjoy our video games up, close and personal. Although these games are unisex still a few categories have a very heavy male following like the racing games category. The other categories do not have as much skewed gender to game ratio as this category.

With the two major OS (iOS and Android), having captured the market today, these video games are designed for both of them. We have listed the top trending non-racing mobile games and the tricks you need to know to win them:

Ludo Star

Ludo star

Ludo Star is the virtual version of the same old and amazing board game called as Ludo. Developed by Gameberry, Ludo Star is a very popular game with mobile users. The one trick that would prove to a gambit for you is, tap the die button when the clock hits 12:15 and you would get a 6. No wonder your opponent would be frustrated of your lady luck.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run

Another amazing game is Temple Run 2. If you adventurous and have a knack for Indiana Jones go for this game. The best trick to get some extra coins is even before you start. Check out the app store in the game and select Get Free Stuff. After doing that you need to like and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter respectively. You have already got 250 extra coins.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush saga

One of the most hit games in the history of mobile games Candy Crush Saga is the ultimate match-three puzzle game. If all your lives are exhausted and you are left with nothing for the day here is something that would be resurrected. All you need to do is change the time setting of your phone from automatic to manual and then set the date one day ahead. There you go, you have 5 lives!

Subway Surfers

Subway surfers

Another runner game Subway Surfer had its bout of fame with game lovers since its release. There are several tricks for this game, they are as follows:

You can jump really high with a jetpack- Just when you are about to run out of the fuel of the jetpack, grab the last coin and swipe up quickly and jump up in the air.

Make your jetpack fly like a hoverboard- Pick up a jetpack just when the hoverboard ends.

You can turn your hoverboard invisible- You need to die just after you start the game and just before dying click Mega Headstart. You would fly backward and as soon as you land turn the hoverboard on, and there you are with an invisible hoverboard.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball pool

All the Pool lovers would surely have not missed this game but you would have not always won it and that is probably because you do not know the path which would take the ball straight to the hole. Now here is the trick to know that. After downloading the game app, run it. Tap define and let it run on the screen. Next, go to home and tap the game icon and once it is open start a game. Now arrange the setup and the blocks would go right on the pool table on the lower right pocket and the upper left pocket. Finally, click the right mark at the center and there will be a yellow mark on the screen. Drag that mark to all the balls and you will get the paths to all pockets.

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