Tweet Calling Google A Scraper Website Goes Viral

Tweet Calling Google A Scraper Website Goes Viral

A recent tweet calling Google a Scraper website went viral, this tweet was immediately published after Matt Cutts who is the head of the web spam team at Google tweeted that they are against the scraper websites. This tweet which went viral has taken everybody by surprise as thousands of people republished it.

The tweet made by Cutts was against the scraper websites which basically use the content generated by other people for making money and he had no idea that a twitter user would try to tarnish the image of Google by calling it a scraper website. The person who published this tweet even went on to explain his thought by saying that Google is search engine and how it benefits by showing content that has been actually produced by others.

A little explanation gave by Matt Cutts

  • As per Matt Cutts if people see any scraper website or URL that has outranked the original source of content while doing Google search then they should tell Google authorities about this.
  • He also said that they at Google never want such scraper websites to rank higher in its own search engine results. He even said he is responsible for fighting spam and is quite interested to know more about such offenders who want to take credit on the hard work done by others.

If you see a scraper URL outranking the original source of content in Google, please tell us about it:

Though he gave this explanation publically but was left completely surprised by the unknown tweet that went viral. Later it was found out that the tweet was made by Dan Barker in reply to the Matt Cutts tweet.

The tweet posted by Dan Barker also showed a screen shot of a Google search that looked like as if it was copied from Wikipedia. Dan Barker’s tweet immediately went viral as there were over 36000 retweet happened. Everybody was wating for Cutts reply but he never replied back. There were thousands of people who started cracking jokes about Google being a copy cat and how it is trying to manipulate things and eating other people’s pie by showing a brief summary during search engine results.

Is it true? -let us try to find out

Till recently Google use to show a summary as well as links for webpages whenever a search was made but in last few years Google has started providing small briefs to the questions being asked on Google search. As per Google it is called as Knowledge graph.

Take for example if you search for questions such as ‘what is a scraper site’ on Google then you will get links as well a small explanation of that question on the top of the search. This brief summary sometimes is sufficient and avoids people to visit the main website in detail. It had lead to people thinking if Google is paying anything to the website owners for this brief summary or not.

If we go in little detail then we can found out that there is a fundamental agreement between the publishers and the search engine which allows the search engines such as Google to build their content on the backdrop of the publisher’s content. But this can only happen if there is fair share of traffic for the publishers.

Dan Baker’s tweet has got rave reviews and there are many reviews and comments that have been published all across the internet. There are many people who are seeking an answer on this from Matt Cutts. Perhaps it can be termed as SEO’s ‘Oreo moment’ because few time back a tweet that said about Oreo’s famous Super Bowl blackout garnered too much attention from people all over the world.

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