Use Your Smartphone for Thermal Imaging!

Use Your Smartphone for Thermal Imaging!

Capture Thermal Images

If you need more features in your smartphone, then it is not important that such features be in-built. FLIR (a company that specializes in thermal image sensors) has come up with an independent device which can attach with any phone (with a compatible port) for providing smartphone thermal imaging features.

This isn’t the first time that the company has brought out a thermal imaging system. In 2014, FLIR had apparently purchased an innovative back Cover (for iPhones) which allowed thermal images to be captured by the device. However, the modification in the size and dimensions of the iPhones require the back cover to be adjusted accordingly. The company has addressed this issue and taken things to a whole new level by creating an independent device that is universally compatible with all smartphones.

How Does the Device Work?

How Does the Device Work

It is evident from the image shown above, that the FLIR thermal imaging device connects to the smartphone via the micro USB port (for android devices) and the lightning port (for Apple devices). If you take a close look at the device, then you would see that there are two cameras, instead of one. This is not a gimmick. Rather, the two cameras work together to produce the thermal image that is displayed on the mobile’s screen.Now this is what you call smartphone thermal imaging at its current best!

One of them is a thermal camera while the other one is a normal camera. The device works by merging the image from the normal camera with the image taken from the thermal camera (also known as the Lepton camera). This allows the device to provide a better thermal image. If you are worried about this device using up excessive battery from your smartphone, then it would come as a relief to you that the camera comes with its own battery.

Seeing the World in a New Perspective

See the Cat in Thermal Image

Thermal images are based on the amount of heat that is emanated from the objects or the surface temperature being recorded from the surrounded. With this you would be able to see through dense objects and it can prove to be a big help at times. Don’t think that thermal imaging just serves military, medical or scientific purposes, but you can also use it to find objects or insects around the house. If your dog has wandered into the bushes and you are not able to locate it, then this camera would help you to find your dog faster than other means.

When Will This Device Be Available?

FLIR’s thermal camera has already created a buzz at this year’s CES and the commercial launch of this product is high anticipated. You can expect this product to be made commercially available by mid-2015 with the price being around $350 (this was the price of the previous version, so the price for the new model could be near this value).

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