Useful Ways of How to Free Up Space On Your Smartphones

Useful Ways of How to Free Up Space On Your Smartphones

Our smartphones have become a vital part of our life’s. Wether its about capturing a quick movement, having a look on our work mail, calculate the number or to mark down anything important, it’s often the first thing we look for. But with all the apps and high-definition games getting bigger in size with every update, it fills up a lot of space on our devices which we are not even aware of.

And its not just apps, we capture photos of things we need to remember, the music we download and all the Whatsapp data that our friends have shared with us, there’s probably a chance our mobiles gets bumped up against its storage limit. Although we use our phones primarily for communication, entertainment, engagement and socializing, they are widely used as a convenient storage device. And sometimes, when things take up all the storage space that you are not even aware of, you will not have any solution for it.

Well the only solution out of this can be, clearing out the clutter in your phone if you are in need of space for all the new stuff. Its like cleaning up your room, it is a necessity, when you try to find out something in there or make space for any of your new stuff.

Here are some of the best ways you can use to free up storage space for on your smartphone.

Storage Analysis with Built in Tool

Storage Analysis with Built in Tool - Free Up Space

With the modern technology you can now look to the storage option and see what is taking up the space on your device. The pane gives a brief information about available space and how much storage is been covered by apps and their data, by pictures and videos, music files, downloads, cached data and buy the miscellaneous files.

With this provided information you can analyze the actual space taken by the files and apps to decide which files and apps to keep and what data to delete to empty the space for your use. You can have a look at the detailed information about the storage. For example, you can tap on Apps to see the detailed view of the apps and space used by them. Now it will be easy for you to decide which app to delete (obviously, the apps which is using most space). This way you can peep into each category to have a detailed look and decide over what to keep on your device and what to not.

Delete Unwanted and Unnecessary Files

Delete Unwanted and Unnecessary Files - Free Up Space

Having a look at the storage setting can give you detailed visualization of the space used by the different types of data, but it will show you the actual space covered by files and folders individually.

Many times we are totally unware about the spaces used by the unnecessary and unwanted files and folders which are totally of no meaning to us now, but they keep on stacking up your device storage. Just look for the folder and files which are taking the most space on your device and remove the one which are of no use to you anymore.

There are many time when we delete the apps or games but the leftover data of the application remains in the files which could take a lot of space. You can delete this kind of files and save the space.

Also delete the old downloaded files which are no longer relevant and the cache data which are the temporary files taking a considerable amount of space on your device.

Use Cloud Storage

Use Cloud Storage - Free Up Space

For the kind of people who don’t look back to their old photos and videos have it easier. But for the people who are keepers of the captured movements as their memories, won’t ever want to lose them. So rather than selecting the best from all and deleting the rest, we can easily store them remotely on cloud.

And its not just with photos, you can save all types of files, which are of now use to you for the time being, on cloud and delete them for now, from your device and make space for some new data. For instance, you created video of your first road trip 5 years back which you may not watch daily, but would surely like to watch have a look later in life sometime. Put it in the cloud for when you would like to revisit the past in future.

Delete Unused Apps

Delete Unused Apps - Free Up Space

This one is a sure thing. Apps do take a considerable amount of space on your devices. So why not to find the apps, which are of no use to you anymore or the ones you have not used recently and delete them outright. For example, the old game which you have completed and is no longer a play for you or the app you downloaded once on your friends suggestion for some use, should be deleted.

This will save you a lot of space and let you install the latest high quality game you wanted to download from so long, which you could not because of shortage on storage.

Back Up Your Old Data on Another Storage (SD Card)

Back Up Your Old Data on Another Storage (SD Card) - Free Up Space

This is the most conventional way to make up space on your device. And it is self explanatory.

Well, memory card have always been know as the best possible way to expand over internal storage. But they are even the best and easy way to offload your data and store it in a safe place.

Store all your extra data in a spare memory card and carry it along with you. In case if you are in need of that data at anytime, you will just have to insert in the memory card and you can use the data.

Use this ways to free up space on your devices. If they were any helpful to you, let us know in the comment section below.

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