Did You Miss Out This Important WhatsApp Update for iOS?

Did You Miss Out This Important WhatsApp Update for iOS?

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The iPhone is certainly one of the most desired smartphones in the world today. But as many iPhone users will admit, the niche smartphone comes with its own set of limitations, the most significant being the absence of easy inter-app sharing. This has also created a hassle for iPhone users who are not able to send images from the Photos app to WhatsApp directly.

The latest update to WhatsApp (version 2.12.1) adds more than just the voice calling feature. iOS users finally get the ability to share images from the Photos app directly with a WhatsApp contact. This will give users great convenience as they would be able to share the images directly from the camera roll. Android users have had this future for a very long time, earning envious looks from iOS users.

Photos app to WhatsApp directly

This feature is available in the latest update from WhatsApp, version 2.12.1 so make sure that you check the version of the app installed on your device before proceeding further. You would have to enable the setup so that the feature is accessible for the app. For this, simply follow these steps.

1. Install the update (if you haven’t installed it already).

2. Open the Photos App and choose an image

3. Click the “share” button

4. Scroll down to the end of the list and click on “more” option

5. You will see that WhatsApp is added as one of the sharing options. Enable it and you would be able to use this feature for sharing images directly.

Before the feature was made available in the iOS version of WhatsApp, users had to find the contact in WhatsApp, retrieve the picture from the gallery (was a major hassle if the image was taken a long time back) and then send the image. This entire process took a lot of time and usually ended up creating frustration for the user. With the introduction of the direct sharing option, it has become easy for users to share the image directly to a WhatsApp contact.

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