WhatSIM – WhatsApp Without Internet

WhatSIM – WhatsApp Without Internet


Statistics show that there are around 600 million WhatsApp users around the globe, and is one of the most popular communication platforms today. We chat, share images, share audio and share video on WhatsApp but it has always been a major drawback for WhatsApp when there is no WhatsApp without Internet.

No internet means no Whatsapp but what if we told you that WhatsApp is possible without the internet. Italy’s Manuel Zanella (also the founder of Zero Mobile) has invented the WhatSIM which will make WhatsApp available without the internet. You will have to shed 10 € (nearly INR Rs.690) for the SIM and 5 € (nearly INR Rs.345) shipping charges for the subscription for one year.

WhatSIM can be used from anywhere around the world and connects to the service provider offering the best signal in that area. You won’t even notice while the SIM is changing service providers. The service will only allow you to send text messages and for services like video or image sharing you will need to shed out some more money.

If you are a frequent traveller or live in a part where the internet is not that good then WhatSIM is a great option and if not then this device might not be that useful.

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