Will Android M Finally Have Natively Supported Fingerprint Authentication?

Will Android M Finally Have Natively Supported Fingerprint Authentication?

Fingerprint Authentication - Android M

There is a lot of hype over the unveiling of the next version of Android, the “Android M”, especially with respect to the features and changes that would be made to it. Probably the most significant change in the previous version of Android was the introduction of “material design” which was handy in its own way. Amidst speculations for the Android M, word is going around about the inclusion of natively supported Fingerprint Authentication in the next OS.

According to India Today, the upcoming Android M (expected to be revealed during Google I/O Developer Conference 2015) “may finally include native support for fingerprint authentication” and in all probabilities, it should come with the next Nexus device. This feature was expected to be provided in Android Lollipop with Nexus 6 getting it out of the box. But this never happened. If the fingerprint authentication feature gets native support, then it will take the Android Ecosystem by storm. Since the software aspect of the feature would have been taken care of, the only thing remaining would be the integration of applicable hardware by OEMs. When this happens, the fingerprint authentication system for Android would become universally accessible.

Fingerprint authentication

Fingerprint authentication will go a long way in improving your privacy as well as use services like Google Wallet or Play Store more securely since only you or the person authenticated can make payments via these modes. This is why smartphone manufacturers are laying so much emphasis on the integration of this feature in their devices. Fingerprints are unique identifications that are different for each person and by using this as an authentication measure, it would be possible to ensure higher security of transactions and information exchange.

The features are still being speculated with the recent round of rumours indicating that the new OS would give greater control over app permissions to users. Nothing much can be said till Google actually unveils the highly anticipated Android M at the upcoming I/O Developer conference. Let’s hope that these speculations come true. What do you think about the possibility of the next Android coming out? Share your thoughts in the discussions thread below.

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