Wire Beats WhatsApp and Becomes the New Coolest Communications App

Wire Beats WhatsApp and Becomes the New Coolest Communications App

Wire Beats WhatsApp

Behold “Wire”, the latest and (in all senses) the coolest communications app in the market today. Developed by Co-Founders of Skype and a few other tech experts, Wire is a recently launched cross platform messaging app that has already become quite a sensation and has some really amazing features which makes it even better than WhatsApp. Hard to believe?

Wire Beats WhatsApp

Wire CEO Jonathan Christensen said in a statement, “We asked ourselves how modern communications could look and work. How could we take full advantage of the latest devices and advances in cloud computing to deliver something that is really simple, very useful and truly beautiful?”

What is Wire?

Wire Beats WhatsApp

Wire is a modern messaging system that is one of the best hybrids created by forging various functions that often require a separate tool to execute. Rumours state that the app includes features of Skype, WhatsApp and Slack. You may be familiar with Skype and WhatsApp. Slack is a recently launched communication service, created exclusively for workplaces. The developers have claimed that this app will solve the issues that users often raise with respect to the use of other apps.

The Development Team 

Wire Beats WhatsApp 2

Interesting enough, the development team for Wire comprises Janus Friis (co-founder, Skype), a few tech experts and ex-Skypers. The app itself is based out of Zug, Switzerland, and Berlin, Germany, and is well on the path to take the world by storm. What else could be expected when such veterans join hands develop a super app!

Features of Wire

With Wire, users would be able to use voice calling and one-to-one or group messaging, in addition to sharing pictures, SoundCloud music and YouTube videos. However, the USP of the app lies in the following features.

All-in-One App

With Wire, you would not have install various tools to access their features. Everything has now been provided in just a single app, making Wire an all-inclusive app. With this app, you would be able to call another person, engage in group messaging, share videos, music, pictures and more.

Amazing Sound Quality and Clarity

Not only does the calls connect easily, but the sound clarity is pretty amazing with good clarity. The app reportedly makes use of an in-house technology that supposedly delivers very good quality and makes you feel as if you are talking in person. Wire is also compatible with standard WebRTC (a plugin free technology which is being widely incorporated for in-browser voice, video and messaging tools)

Embedded Players for Convenient Media Sharing

File transfer has been revamped and made hassle-free as the tool now comes preloaded with embedded players (YouTube and SoundCloud). This makes it pretty easy and convenient to share files from YouTube and SoundCloud. The shared files are perfectly positioned in line with the text and nothing appears to be distorted in any manner.

Secure Communication

Security has become a major cause of concern for users of messaging apps as the privacy and safety of data is often at a risk. This is the reason behind social networking sites being asked to clarify their policies to the users so that they are made aware of the implications of sharing information on the respective social networking platform.

Enhanced Group Management

Although the app derives the group management features from other apps, it does have some unique features that give it a significant leverage over others. If you want to exclude some members from your group, then you can now remove them and avoid getting any notification related to their activity. This is one feature that every user would love to use, especially when they have had an argument with a member in the group.

Seamless Continuity

This is by far the coolest feature of Wire which has enabled it to actually beat WhatsApp in the messaging apps segment. The app is synced with your desktop and this enables it to provide seamless continuity where you can finish any chat or conversation (started on a smartphone) in your PC. Seamless connectivity is an upcoming feature that is being preferred by users as it gives you the freedom to access the content on any device that you chose to use.

The app is currently available for the iOS, Android and OS X devices with a possible HTML version being developed. This versatility makes the app pretty useful when accessed on the go. Moreover, the design of the app makes it battery efficient so your mobile device won’t get drained excessively. There are bugs and minor glitches in the app, but this is an expected outcome with any software.

For an app that was launched just a day ago, the features and performance of the app is pretty good. However, the question that appears to intrigue many users is “Do we need another messaging app?” Think about it!

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