Is It Worth To Have Insurance For Your Mobile Phone?

Is It Worth To Have Insurance For Your Mobile Phone?


Mobile phone insurance comes into play when one is suffering from a phone crisis, it may be mobile phone theft,damage or loss of the mobile phone. But unlike any other insurance, it will also cost you. Many consumers do not take mobile phone insurance because a majority of people think that the mobile phone insurance will add extra payments to their monthly bills. It is often seen that 35% people often damage or break their devices within the first year so most of the people do not choose a insurance plan for their mobile phones hoping not to become the one amongst those 35% people.

According to the Director of NPD Group, Mr. Weston Henderek, the decision to get an insurance for your mobile phone truly depends upon the type of person you are. “Some of the customers just really appreciate extra security that insurance brings to their cell phones”, and for some people, “the cell phone insurance is worth the extra money who are much more prone to accidents and seem to drop their mobile phone more frequently than the normal basis”.

Henderek also points out the fact that now a days people usually buy expensive Smartphones such as the iPhone 6 , Samsung Galaxy S5 and etc. So these phones can be further protected by any sort of damages only by getting a proper insurance plan.

Here are some popular insurance plans providers:-


Every iPhone comes with a standard 1-year warranty from Apple and further there is a option to add AppleCare+ to the phone which further extends the phones warranty to 2 years. By adding the AppleCare+ then for the next 2 years Apple will cover the accidental damage such as dropping of your phone and provide up to 2 replacements. But the phone replacement under the AppleCare+ will not be free you will have to pay $79 service fee plus tax for the replacement claims. Important thing that one should not forget to mention is that AppleCare+ does not cover thefts.

Samsung Mobile Elite

Similar to Apple’s Protection Plan Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite plan can be added to any Samsung Device and it extends the 1 year warranty to a 2 year warranty and covers accidental damages ,operations and other mechanical breakdowns that occur to the phone.Just like the AppleCare+ Samsung Elite Plus also not provides the claim in case the phone gets stolen but you are allowed to a maximum of 3 claims under the Samsung protection plan.

Manufacturer Plan  Plan Cost Cost per Claim Total Cost(per Claim)
AppleCare+ $99 $79 $178
Samsung Mobile Elite $99 $75 $174

There are also other Insurance providers they are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.Here resources revile that Sprint is the carrier that provides the cheapest mobile phones protection plans.It also covers theft or loss of your mobile phone. Other 3rd party Insurance providers are Protect your Bubble and Square Trade.

So, for those who often misplace their Smartphones should get an insurance plan for their Smartphones. Depending on the type of Smartphone you are using, the mobile phone insurance provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your device is covered no matter what happens to your device.

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