Xiaomi Gets a Place in Guinness World Records for Selling 2.11 Million Smartphones in Just 12 Hours

Xiaomi Gets a Place in Guinness World Records for Selling 2.11 Million Smartphones in Just 12 Hours

Xiaomi Gets a Place in Guinness World Records

We have all become accustomed to the massive flash sales conducted by Xiaomi which are usually timed with the launch of its products. These sales have become a popular method for ensuring faster and greater sales volumes. It has definitely worked out well for the company, not only in India but in China as well.

Yesterday (9th April), Xiaomi held an online Mi Fan Fest Sale where the company put up its smartphones, accessories and other devices. The response of the customers was super-massive where the demand resulted in a mindboggling sales volume of 2.11 million which was done in just 12 hours. Now that’s an achievement that the company can proudly brag about. What Xiaomi managed to pull off in a day is usually something that takes at least a month to achieve.

This massive sale has earned Xiaomi a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most number of mobile handsets in a day. The interesting part about these sales is that all of it happened in just 12 hours instead of the entire 24 hours. Can you image the sales figures that would have been achieved if people purchased / placed orders throughout the day?

Xiaomi’s Sales

Xiaomi’s Sales on the Mi Fan Fest (Source: jeruknipis)

Apart from the handsets, the company also sold 208,000 of the Mi Band wearable, 403,000 Mi power banks and 247,000 units of its Mi power strip. It seems like the day was pretty good for accessories too. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of 1,460 employees who worked round the clock to ensure that the customers received proper addressing of their queries. Xiaomi also used its 1800+ service centers to handle queries efficiently.

Xiaomi had also worked out the delivery mechanism for managing such large number of orders so that it could meet the expectations of its customers. The company used its various retail channels (placed across the country) for delivering over 500,000 orders within the 12 hour duration. That means almost 25% of the orders were delivered on the same day. What more can customers expect?

Xiaomi shared its success on Facebook

Xiaomi shared its success on Facebook (Source: Xiaomi China Facebook Page)

If this was the sales achieved by Xiaomi in a single day, then the ambitious milestone of achieving a sales target of 100 million units this year isn’t impractical. The company just might manage to reach this milestone, with a possibility of even exceeding these values. The means to achieve this target have already become evident in India as the company has already opened up to online retailers (other than Flipkart) for reaching out to larger smartphone user population. Only time will reveal what else the company has up its sleeves to surprise us again!

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