Yosemite is latest version of OS X : Built differently

Yosemite is latest version of OS X : Built differently

Yosemite Built differentlyApple doesn’t need to do the talking, the products are talked about and awaited without much effort. The work is always in the background where every detail is designed with great precision and innovation. Apple has always blended technology with art which makes all your “i devices” beautiful and powerful. There is so much to talk about, with myriad of features on the bling you will be filled with awe. Every release has detailing to an extent that takes standards to a whole new level.


Yosemite is latest version of OS X after Mavericks. Not just its fascinating name but the features are also startling.  so familiar. The list of “the talked about” just doesn’t end. It’s new, vibrant, powerful and extraordinary. Apple has launched the release with so many changes and given a great push after the not so different mavericks. User’s will keep falling for the device every time they use it with the new OS X 10.10

The features have to be run down quite in short because there is so much to add and yet you are bound to keep reading:

Design“ Every bit is as powerful as it looks” . Designed with this target every detail has been worked on to make it modish and sturdy. This balance has been so creatively carved out that it is matchless. The simplicity is enhanced by the thoughtful design meant to focus on every detail small or large. The translucency in windows and streamlined toolbars are some of the big ones whereas subtle changes in icons and font are also quite obvious. Every change is made to compliment the retina display .
Streamlined toolbars let you see more of the content on webpages whereas translucency adds more dimension to the desktop. The controls are headed towards a neat design that offer enhanced functionality. For example , the traffic lights come with a greater detailing and many options other than just closing, maximising and minimising.
Apps and Controls: “The least important is the most important “ , this is Apple’s selling point since years and it is still unmatched. Font, a very trivial detail to even consider is also something Apple cares about. It is this detailing that has made Apple so disparate. An iconic dock which looks more cleaner and allows you to view every app distinctly has a very consistent look and feel. The apps have been so delicately designed and so powerfully built , that you will never feel like taking your eyes and hands off.
Notifications and spotlight: Doesn’t the spotlight bar feel to small ? Yes it does , but now with Yosemite it is set to comply with its name.It’s smart about which information it returns and redesigned to appear front and centre when you use it . The rich, interactive previews let you view a document, send an email and even make a phone call, just with a click. Supporting widgets like Calendar, weather, birthdays the notifications appear on the right hand corner when you click on the icon or swipe two fingers from the edge. Apple now gives you the option to customise it with third party widgets . How about having notifications on a full screen , you get that too.
Continuity: The title is quite suited because of the way you can use your iOS and OS devices . It develops such a great flow between the devices that you don't feel the difference except for the screen size. Make phone calls, send SMS without even picking up your phone. How much ease it would be when you type an email on your mac and you have an option to pick it up from where you left on the other devices.
Handoff: You get to start of here and finish it there. Handoff works with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts. Just bring your devices to proximity and continue on which ever you want. An instant hot-spot is your saviour when there is no Wi-Fi and as always you remember to do something at the eleventh hour. The coolest thing is you don’t even have to take your iPhone out .
Airdrop: It is not so happening when you have a Mac and an iPhone and you cannot use airdrop between them. Apple has eliminated that complain too. Now transfer pics , videos and all other stuff just so fast with the AIRDROP .
There is whole new lot of Apps for you to do everyday things in not so everyday ways. The look, feel and beauty of each app encapsulate the powerful performance they bear. Safari just got smarter allowing you to save almost 2 hours of battery when you use it instead of Chrome or Firefox. So search, share and save . The favourite sites are easy to view on the smart search field and are synced on your i devices , so no matter which device you use, your favourites are with you.
Mail: The cool looking mail app is facilitated with an option to attach a much larger file with every message. So now don’t bother about the file that you have to send. Also its quite easy with the markup feature when you have to respond quickly to some attachments. You can add shapes, text, images and signatures with the multi-touch keypad.
Messages: How handy it is to view your messages on the mac when your iPhone isn’t so close or is on charge. Your messages appear directly on your mac with a better control of the conversations. Soundbite is also an advancement. Why just read messages when sometimes its better to hear.
Family sharing: Sharing is caring. Share your purchased items music , videos and movies with your family. Organise birthdays , events and come a little more closer.


The technology is just a level above fascination. Every feature makes you think how technologically ahead the world is . The list is never ending and its an epitome of experience that you get. Every detail describes the innovation and what Apple does to make it a living. It is impressive and revolutionary for all technology giants to learn why Apple always stands out.
Upgrade it for free and have a queue of features to enjoy. Refined feature by feature , pixel by pixel its “Completely new , Completely Mac.

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